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Year 2020



Year 2019

Hardness Calibration Machine- 1 Lot (EESI Material and Controls Corporation)

Repair and Improvement-Extension Laboratory and Room for MIC (LDV Construction)

Incubator and Accessories - 4 Units (Golden Bat(Far East), Inc.)

Automatic Colony Counter - 1 Unit (Golden Bat(Far East), Inc.)

Freeze Drying Unit - 1 Unit (Dakila Trading Corp.)

Microbalance with Computer Accessories - 1 Unit (Instrumix Supplier, Inc.)

Power House Provision for Energization, Competion of Airconditioning/Ventilation and Water Supply System to include Main Entrance Canopy for CED Building (OCM Steel Corporation)

HPLC and Accessories - 1 Lot (Instrumix Supplier, Inc.)

Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) System - 1 Lot (Instrumix Supplier, Inc.)

Repair of PTD Buildings (RITVIT Construction and Development Corp.)

Storage Chamber - 1 Lot (Yana Chemodities, Inc.)

Molecular Detection System - 1 Lot (GRB Enterprises, Inc.)

Respiration Meter for Fresh Produce - 1 Lot (Systems Controls Instrumentations, Inc.)

Microbalance and Accessories - 1 Lot (Instrumix Supplier, Inc.)

Repair and Maintenance of Buildings and Other Structures (MIC-B) (R.V. Laborte Builders)

Freeze Dryer- 1 Unit (Dakila Trading Corporation)

Gas Chromatography Spectrometer and Accessories - 1 Lot (ITS Science Phils., Inc.)