• Design and validate one new and acceptable training program within the year;
  • Conduct 100% of the approved number of training programs for the year with a very satisfaction rating;
  • Implement 100% of the approved requests for technical assistance/technology transfer in the Regions based on agreed schedules/duration within the year with a very satisfaction rating;
  • Provide 100% relevant information to customers and stakeholders both internally and externally in all forms (print and non-print, media / press conference, exhibits, techno fora) at the right time;
  • Prepare techno-economic studies (market/industry profile, FS / BOP and techno packages) of identified mature / commerciable technologies within the prescribed period;
  • Develop business development strategies for marketing and promotion of identified technologies / new services within the prescribed period;and
  • Provide engineering related services in support of ITDI activities such as: R&D, technical services, maintenance and repair of physical facilities/buildings and technology transfer within the prescribed time with a very satisfaction rating.




  • Prepare feasibility study/business opportunity plan, technology packages, and technology commercialization plan of developed technologies, including IPR management as tools/portfolio for techno-transfer; 
  • Conduct technology evaluation/techno audit of generated technologies;
  • Develop a system for contracting and facilitating the transfer of technologies/technical services implementation and monitoring of the same; and
  • Develop system and tools to facilitate impact assessment of technology transfer initiatives



  • Provide engineering related support services to technology transfer programs and projects of the Institute i.e., engineering design preparation, fabrication/prototyping, equipment/ processing facility installation/trouble shooting. etc.;
  • Provide engineering-related support services in process development/scale-up projects as needed; and
  • Provide support services in the repair and maintenance of buildings and other physical facilities



  • Develop and implement the ITDI communication plan;
  • Network/engage with stakeholders to develop communication plan and meet program objectives;
  • Develop and execute social marketing initiatives (e.g., tri/cyber media, exhibitions, publications) in support of tech transfer program;
  • Create, develop, and produce communication materials (e.g., newsletters, brochures, annual reports, press releases/features, and exhibit modules) as tools for knowledge translation/tech transfer; and
  • Develop media relations/press communications



  • Establish and maintain a system of cooperation between the institute and regional clients through the DOST regional offices for the implementation of joint projects;
  • Organize and deliver technology-based training programs, source out and provide subject matter experts;
  • Evaluate impact of training programs; and
  • Interface with DOST-ROS for monitoring of ITDI regional projects for sustainability



The ITDI is among the instrumentalities that laid the groundwork, in the early years, for S&T in the country. Today, it is one of the DOST's RDIs (research and development institutes) and undertakes multidisciplinary industrial R&D, technical services, and knowledge translation or technology transfer and commercialization. ITDI harnesses know-how in new technology and product innovation, and through the years, has emerged as a credible and reliable industry and government partner in accelerating growth and development in the country.


Address: DOST-ITDI Bldg., DOST Cmpd., General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines

Contact No. : (632) 86837750 local 2182, (632) 88372071 local 2182