Title of Webinars

Targeted Schedule

Calamansi Processing (Batch 1)

May 14, 2020

Calamansi Processing (Batch 2)

June 17-24, 2020
Taho Processing June 4, 2020
Online Training on the Operation and Maintenance of Dual Drum Composter  June 17, 2020
DOST ITDI Guidelines on Facilities Disinfection and Proper Handling and Disposal of Used Masks and Gloves June 10, 2020
Innovations in Food Processing June 23, 2020
Introduction to Available DOST-Developed Ready to Eat Food Pack and Ready to Drink Products Useful in the Ongoing Health Crisis July 3, 2020

Updates on the Chemical Weapons

Convention (CWC): Compliance of the Philippines and Other Member Countries
July 09, 2020
Dragon Fruit Processing July 14, 2020
Hand Sanitizer July 17, 2020
Introduction to Metrology July 20, 2020
Ginger Processing 3rd Week of July
Food Safety at the Household Level 4th Week of July
Liquid Handwash 4th week of July
Chemical Safety and Hazardous Waste Management 4th Week of July
Jam Making 1st Week of August
Soap Making 1st Week of August
Product and Process Development 4th Week of August
VCO processing 4th Week of August
Catsup Processing (Banana and Squash) 1st Week of September
Chips (Banana and Coconut 3rd Week of September
Introduction to Uncertainty of Measurements October 1, 2020
Calibration of Volumetric Glasswares ISO 4787 October 7-8, 2020
Calibration of Weights based on OIML R 111 October 7-8, 2020
Awareness Seminar on Halal 2nd Week of October
Awareness Seminar on Shelf Life Testing and Sensory Evaluation 3rd Week of October
Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (electronic, single range) October 21-22, 2020
Verification of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (market scales) November 11-12, 2020
Performance Testing of Sphygmomanometers November 12, 2020
Calibration of Liquid-in-Glass and Digital Thermometers November 17-18, 2020
Calibration of Hygrometers November 19-20, 2020
Pressure Metrology and Calibration of Pressure Gauges November 25-26, 2020
Calibration of pH Meters Dec 2-3, 2020
Calibration of Digital Multimeters Dec 9-10, 2020