1. Development of Alternative Techniques for Okra Flakes/Sheets Processing
2. Establishment of Food Safety System for High Risk Bakery Products for Public Consumption
3. Improving the Quality of Deep-Fat Fried Cassava Chips
4. Natural Flavorings from Local Sources as Food Additive. Study 1: Optimization of Spray Drying Flavors
5. Establishment of Halal Assurance System for Processing Selected Banana Products (Banana Chips, Banana Catsup and Frozen Banana)
6. Development of Emulsified Meat Products (Sausage, Nuggets and Burgers) for Halal Market
7. Plant Protein Products from Local Sources


1. Exploratory studies on: Study 2: Chocolate Confectionery
2. Development of Shelf-Stable Food Products as Read Food Reserve (GAD Project)
3. Characterization of Philippine Banana Cultivars for Food Processing Application
4. Natural Food Colors from Local Source as Food Additive (Proj. 4: Natural Dyes and Colorants R&D Program)
5. Establishment of Spray Drying Technology and Equipment for the Regional Food Innovation Centers - Batch 2
6. Establishment of Halal Assurance System for Bakery Products (Pandesal and Loaf Bread)
7. Development of Powder Salted Egg Using Appropriate Processing Technologies

Grants-In-Aid (GIA) projects receives grants from DOST or other Institutions for the implementation of programs/projects identified in the current DOST priorities and thrusts.