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DOST-ITDI Launches TekNegoShow Special Edition

Earlier today, July 8, 2021, DOST-ITDI launched an online business talk show titled “TekNegoShow” Special Edition via the social media platforms Facebook and YouTube. 

Industry partners, Manly Plastics, Inc. and Optiwhite, Inc., shared their experiences as technology adopters and their perception about ITDI technologies and services.

ITDI Director Briones joins ranks of 2021 Asian Scientist 100

Once again ITDI Director Dr. Annabelle V. Briones brought honor to DOST and the Philippines with her joining the ranks of the 2021 Edition Asian Scientist 100. She received the recognition for designing a mosquito ovicidal/larvicidal trap system aimed at reducing population of second-generation dengue mosquitos in the country. She also received the 2020 Gregorio Y. Zara Award for Applied Science Research last year for the same project.

VIP game plan in full swing targets 2023 opening

Having leaped the drawing board, the game plan for the Virology and Vaccine Science and Technology Institute of the Philippines or VIP is now in full swing. DOST Undersecretary for R&D Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara declared in a DOST Kapihan interview held on May 25, 2021, the target opening of the VIP would be from 2023 to 2024.

Bounty Harvest Farm inks MOA to adopt DOST-ITDI's Vacuum Fried Langka

The DOST-Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) has developed its technology on vacuum-fried langka (jackfruit), for which it has found an adopter, Bounty Fresh Farm. 

CENMACO signs up to filter wastewater in fruit plant

The Central Macaroni Co. Inc. (CENMACO), known for the tropical fruits beverage brands Gina and Luzona, is working with the Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) and DOST-NCR the setting up and operate a trickling filter system for the removal of nitrates and phosphates in its wastewater.

DOST contends with Philippine Halal issues

Following a longer pause than expected after WHO declared the COVID-19 disease in 2020 as a pandemic, DOST is visibly boosting efforts on its Halal S&T Program to overcome issues attendant to the industry. On June 29 to 30, 2021, the Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) will be conducting a webcast series on Halal Awareness and Halal Critical Control Points (CCPs).

DOST-ITDI develops nanoclay from bentonite ore

Some of the products derived from nanoclay are biodegradable nanocomposite films for green packaging (food and cutleries); halloysite nanoclay-filled epoxy molding compound for integrated circuit packaging; recycled polycarbonate-layered silicate nanocomposites (PLSN); local bioactive polymer nanofibrous scaffold for tissue engineering; and nanostructures fibrous membrane for wastewater treatment.

Emergency Disinfection System ensures potable drinking water

The DOST-ITDI developed an Emergency Disinfection System (EDS), which helps ensure the availability of potable drinking water during flooding, earthquakes, typhoons, and other catastrophes. With EDS, water-borne illnesses can be prevented, and chances of survival may increase.

DOST-ITDI webcasts MMIC to 12 TASK-assisted firms

The Industrial Technology Development Institute is reclaiming its post in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. It will webcast a forum on its newest facility, Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center (MMIC) or InnoHub sa Pinas, on June 25, 2021 via the Zoom Meeting platform.

DOST-ITDI inks pact with new vinegar acetator fabricator

ITDI signed the pact with Lozada Machineries Corporation (LMC), a private company engaged in fabrication of machines/equipment. The licensing engagement is part of ITDI’s promotional strategies which aims to increase the number of local fabricators thus decreasing national dependence on imported equipment.

DOST-ITDI introduces mungbean-coco drink

The Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) introduces mungbean-coco drink, a refreshing non-dairy, nutritious drink developed from mungbean or monggo and infused with coconut cream for an alternative drink lactose-intolerant consumers.

DOST-ITDI develops isotonic drink for rehydration

The drink helps prevent dehydration, maintains the body’s balance of electrolytes, and supplies energy during or after heavy physical activities. It utilizes coconut water which is very rich in potassium, and contains a considerable amount of sodium, magnesium, and chloride.

ITDI has new Deputy Director for Research

Dr. Christine Marie Capule Montesa is DOST-ITDI’s new Deputy Director for Research and Development. A local of Quezon City, the 47-year old licensed chemical engineer will be formally sworn in before DOST Secretary Fortunato T. De La Peña on April 15, 2021.

DOST-ITDI holds industry, stakeholder's forum for MMIC

InnoHub sa Pinas is an industrial processing facility with multifunctional/multi-application modular unit operation equipment that can be retrofitted to accommodate different manufacturing lines.

It is built to serve the needs of the food, personal care, and pharma-nutraceutical industries using its three main processing lines for nut/ seed and oils, mix blend powder, and liquids/emulsions which rely mainly on by-products of commercial operations as raw material.

DOST-ITDI to pivot backend innovation through its webcast @ Innohub sa Pinas

The Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI), in its bid to contribute to industrialization and progress through R&D initiatives, will conduct a webcast for its newly opened Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center (MMIC) or InnoHub sa Pinas on March 31, 2021.

DOST-ITDI leads talk on AM technology

DOST-ITDI conducted on March 25, 2021 the AMCen-MATDEV (Additive Manufacturing Center Materials Development) Stakeholders' Forum via the Google Meeting Platform.

ITDI Director Dr. Annabelle V. Briones welcomed guests and participants. She was followed by DOST Undersecretary for Research and Development Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara and DOST Secretary Prof. Fortunato T. De La Peña who delivered their messages.


The Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) is gathering industry, academe, government, and non-profit organizations in a stakeholders' forum to be held on March 25, 2021, via the Zoom Meeting platform, to present MATDEV Laboratory’s current and future activities on additive manufacturing (AM).

ITDI pursues backend innovation, inaugurates MMIC

The Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) will be inaugurating the country’s first innovation hub on February 18, 2021. DOST Secretary Fortunato T. Dela Peña, together with Undersecretary for R&D Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, and ITDI Director Dr. Annabelle V. Briones, will be opening to the public the Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center (MMIC) or "InnoHub sa Pinas" located at the CED and MMIC Building at the DOST Complex in Taguig City.

DOST-ITDI invites Fabricators for Vinegar Acetator Kit

The Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) is inviting local developers to become licensed fabricators of the ITDI-developed vinegar acetator kit. The move intends to increase the country’s self-sufficiency of local fabricators thereby decreasing dependence on imported equipment.

Which is which, meter or metre?

Can you spot the difference between the words meter and metre? Well obviously, let’s not talk about the spelling. Oftentimes, they are used interchangeably and many are oblivious what they really mean. Did you know that there is indeed an interesting story behind these words? Now, let’s take a sneak peek as we unfold a few pages of history.

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