1. Development of Copper-Based Nanomaterial as Additional Layer for Masks
2. Design of Energy Material from Biomass-derived Starting Material as Nanofiller for Fabrication of Hybrid Composite for Fuel Cell Application
3. Development of Mini-Computer and Micro-Controller Based Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Applications for a Selected MMIC Equipment and a CED Laboratory Equipment


1. Processing of Anti-freezing Agent for Biodiesel
2. Catalytic Hydrogenation and Transesterification of Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids from Rubber Seed Oil
3. Bench-scale Production of Curcumin from Philippine Turmeric using Different Extraction Methods
4. Isolation, characterization and utilization of waste lignin in bio-based adhesives
5. Bench-Scale Production, Verification of Optimized Parameters and Sensory Evaluation for the Market Research of Halal Cosmetics and Toiletries
6.Natural Hydrocolloid as Alternative Emulsifier and Stabilizing Agent from Okra (Hibiscus esculentus) Pods
7. Scale-up Production, Stability, and Application of Natural Colorants for Cosmetics (Year 1)
8. Development of Uninterruptible Power Back-Up System using Motor Control for Lighting Applications as Sample Electrical Load
9. Scale Up of Power Back-Up System for Large Equipment


1. Development of natural colorants for cosmetics (Project 2: Natural dyes and colorants R&D program): Project 1 Design and Prototyping of Salt Processing Equipment (Washer, Dryer, Iodizer, Crystallizing Pan, Furnace, Concentrator (ion-exchange membrane))
2. Establishment of Plastic Waste Pyrolysis System along Esteros for the Rehabilitation of Manila Bay
3. Modular Innovation Center for Oils, Blends and Sauces (Y3)

Grants-In-Aid (GIA) projects receives grants from DOST or other Institutions for the implementation of programs/projects identified in the current DOST priorities and thrusts.