Chemicals and Energy Facilities

Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center (MMIC)

This facility is used by clients for the research and development of their new products, product equivalent, product variances and product reintroduction. Researches in this facility focuses mainly on raw materials that are by-products of commercial operations which could generate new innovative products on food ingredients, beauty nutritional supplements as well as development of improved efficient processes. The three main processing lines of this facility are nut/seed oil, mix blend powder and liquids/emulsions. 

List of Products

Plant Extraction Laboratory
  This facility has the capacity to extract, isolate and purify natural products from plant materials in laboratory scale. It is envisioned to produce nature-based ingredients for pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and dietary supplements applications.
Process Development Plant
Jatropha Biodiesel Processing Plant



 Standardized Fees for CED Technical Services
 Technical Services Standardized Fees, PhP
Client Rate Student Rate
Use of Hammermill Crusher 449.00 359.00
Transesterification of Fixed Oil 1,155.00 924.00
High grade silica from plant material, 500g sample plant material 1,771.00 1,416.00
UV-VIS Analysis, 50 ml sample 1,931.00  1,544.00 
Preparation and Grinding of 3kgs. Plant Materials 941.00 753.00
Preparation of Concentrated Crude Plant Extract (1 kg fresh sample/ 500 g dried sample) 1,262.00 1,010.00
Extraction of Essential Oil (from 3 kg plant materials) 1,945.00 1,556.00
Preparation of activated carbon from plant material, 500g sample plant material 1,832.00 1,466.00
Extraction of Essential Oil from 500 grams of Elemi Gum 1,490.00 1,232.00