Environment Related Facilities

Waste Management Laboratory

The Waste Management Section conducts Research and Development for the mitigation of different laboratory waste streams to make sure laboratories comply with Environment Management Guidelines. Likewise, it performs knowledge transfer on the appropriate ways to handle and dispose Hazardous Waste


Pilot Plant - Biodigester

Biogas technology is an environment friendly, low-cost treatment solution, to the growing problems, generated by the animal industries, and municipal garbage. The DOST-ITDI has developed a portable biogas digester which can be used not only for animal waste but also for household or food waste.

Pilot Plant - Dual Drum Composter

DOST-ITDI had developed a small-scale composting machine to cater those waste sources generating small volume of biodegradable waste, this is the dual-drum composter. The dual drum composter can be used by barangays, schools, universities, small villages or compound, small farms, and institutions or agencies generating small amount of organic wastes.

 Standardized Fees for EBD Technical Services
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Cleaner Production Assessment

EBD helps industries identify cleaner production options for industries through assessment. Cleaner Production saves money for companies while reducing wastes and harm to the environment.

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Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

The program helps local inventors and industries in determining the suitability of technologies in local condition.

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Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS)

This program aims to determine the composition and volume of waste generated by households and non-household generators, providing invaluable data for the creation of a solid waste management plan and in determining the suitable technology for subsequent waste recovery and diversion.

WACS Sample Computation Not Applicable

Policy Advice

Being the only environmental group of DOST, EBD provides inputs to proposal legislation. EBD also identifies divisional restraining forces to environmental initiatives.