Material Science Facilities

Membrane Laboratory
This facility is a venue for the development of local expertise in membrane technology, a separation process that does not require the use of intermediate media resulting to savings (e.g., material, energy, time).  Its versatility for application to gas, liquid, and ion separation makes it a preferred method of separation in industries such as natural gas, water desalination systems, ultrapure water production, and hemodialysis among others. 
Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMCen)  

AMCen is a pioneering facility in Southeast Asia envisioned to transition local traditional manufacturing to additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing).  The facility has great potential in offering reduced raw material/operation cost and utilization of local materials thru innovative 3D printing technology.

AMCen groundbreaking ceremony was held last 15 March 2019. This 3D printing technology center will be handled by DOST-ITDI in developing multiple 3D printing materials while DOST-MIRDC will handle the prototype development.  


The country’s most advanced failure analysis and materials characterization testing facillity


 Standardized Fees for MSD Technical Services
 Technical Services Standardized Fees, PhP
Client Rate Student Rate
Adhesion by Tape Test Without Optical Stereomicroscope (ASTM D3359) 620.00 496.00
Cold Crushing Strength 4,240.00 3,393.00
Determination of Compressive Strength of Ordinary Bricks 686.00 549.00
Determination of Modulus of Rupture for One Sample 1,620.00 1,297.00
Determination of Water Absorption 1,037.00 830.00
Elemental Analysis by X-ray Flourescence/Endagy Dispersive (XRF-EDX) – one sample 2,451.00 1,962.00
Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy (FTIR) 4,317.00 3,453.00
Immersion and Laboratory Performance Testing of Industrial Protective Coating on Steel/Concrete Test Panels (ASTM D6943-03) 9,928.00 7,942.00
Particle Size Analysis by Dynamic Scattering Particle Size Analyzer (one sample) 2,348.00 1,877.00
Preliminary Evaluation of One Red Clay Sample (for one month) 7,615.00 6,092.00
Specular Gloss Measurement (ASTM D-523) (for 1-3 samples) 536.00 428.00
Surface Roughness Analysis and Imaging with Measurements by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 4,338.00 3,471.00
TEM Imaging & Diffraction (4 images and 4 SAED images/sample or 4 images and 2 NBD images/sample) 16,169.00 12,936.00
TEM Imaging (Bright/Dark Field4 images/sample 11,925.00 9,541.00
TEM Imaging & EDS Analysis (4 images and 4 points analysis/sample) 16,169.00 12,936.00
TEM Imaging, Diffraction and EDS (4 images and 4 SAED images/sample or 4 images and 2 NBD images/sample) 17,043.00 13,635.00
Use of Compression Molding Machine 1,049.00 839.00
Use of Electrospinning Apparatus 889.00 711.00
Use of Grinder 610.00 488.00
Use of Injection Molding Machine 874.00 698.00
Use of Ion Sputter for Sample Coating 1,188.00 951.00
Use of Single Screw Extruder 1,362.00 1,090.00
Use of Twin Screw Extruder 4,137.00 3,310.00
Use of Spray Dryer 3,335.00 2,669.00
Use of Two Roll Mill & Compression Molding Machine 2,227.00 1,782.00
Use of Vacuum Mixer 2,868.00 2,294.00
X-Ray Diffraction Analysis 4,480.00 3,583.00





The ITDI is among the instrumentalities that laid the groundwork, in the early years, for S&T in the country. Today, it is one of the DOST's RDIs (research and development institutes) and undertakes multidisciplinary industrial R&D, technical services, and knowledge translation or technology transfer and commercialization. ITDI harnesses know-how in new technology and product innovation, and through the years, has emerged as a credible and reliable industry and government partner in accelerating growth and development in the country.


Address: DOST-ITDI Bldg., DOST Cmpd., General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines

Contact No. : (632) 86837750 local 2182, (632) 88372071 local 2182