Techno Transfer

    • What process do I undergo to transfer ITDI technologies?
      • The client first sends a formal Letter of Intent (LOI) addressed to the ITDI Director, with the ITDI technology clearly specified and signified to be adopted.
      • A consultative meeting and negotiation between ITDI and the client follows, with ITDI pitching the technology to the client along with the respective valuation and conditions. These meetings and negotiations are bound under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
      • The client is then required to submit the following documents:
        • For established firms
          • Company profile – management and personnel, products / services offered, customer’s / client’s info
          • Business plan for technology to be adopted – competitions, marketing, sales and distributions
          • Registration of business
          • Audited financial report for past 3 years
          • Legal and related matters
        • For start-up firms
          • Company profile
          • Registration documents (DTI, SEC, etc.)
          • Bank statement / certification of source of funding
        • TSD conducts background checks to validate the submitted documents (e.g. credentials, customer list, etc.) and assess financial capacity.
        • After negotiations, all agreed terms and conditions will be reflected in in the Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA), which will be signed by both parties indicating their agreement to the terms and conditions therein.
        • The Fairness Opinion Board (FOB), a third party, multi-sectoral body of experts, will evaluate and validate the said TLA, and, once found that both parties have fair consensus, issues a Fairness Opinion Report (FOR) and certificate.
        • If there are changes that arise based on the FOR, initial TLA will be amended and then the final TLA will be signed by both parties. If there are no changes as per FOB evaluation, this step may be skipped.
        • The final step in the Technology Transfer Process would be Transfer of Technology, where in ITDI grants the client the license to market and commercialize the ITDI technology, providing all technical information, trainings, and continuous support to the client.


      • What trainings are being offered by ITDI?
        • ITDI, through TSD’s RCTS as well as ESS, conducts various trainings based on its R&D thrusts and testing initiatives ranging from livelihood to equipment operations and maintenance. For this year’s list of training programs, Link.
      • How do we register for ITDI trainings?
        • Registration is on first-come-first-serve basis. Prospective participants may contact TSD via phone or email. They will then be contacted for confirmation and payment will be done thereafter.
        • Payments must be made one week prior to the training through the ITDI Cashier or via any Land Bank branch:
          • Account Name: ITDI Training
          • Account Number: 1822-1028-63
          • Branch: Land Bank Bicutan
          • Official receipt (OR) will be issued immediately upon payment to ITDI Cashier. If payment is via Land Bank, OR will be issued on the first day of training.
        • The Institute reserves the right to cancel or postpone its training programs due to unforeseen circumstances.
        • Walk-in participants are not allowed during training proper.
        • Training fee covers expenses for supplies and materials, use of facilities, food, handouts, and certificates.
        • Certificates of participation will be issued at the end of the training.

Study Tours

      • We wish to have a study tour of ITDI and its facilities. How can we request? Is it for free?
        • TSD, through IDS, in its mandate to educate and improve awareness of ITDI technologies, accepts requests for study tours from schools, offices, and anyone who wishes to visit us and our Institute’s facilities. These visits, though free of charge, must be formally coordinated at least a week prior your visit to give us and your requested division/s enough time to prepare. You may write a formal letter of intent to our Director with attention to our Division Chief. Kindly indicate your institution’s brief description, expected time and date of visit, expected number of your delegation, and contact details. Staff from TSD will also accompany you to your destination.

IEC Materials and Resources

    • How can I learn more about ITDI technologies and activities?
      • Aside from study tours, TSD through IDS is in charge of the Institute’s IEC (Information, Education and Communication) publications. Its archives and current knowledge bank includes decades’ worth of technical and popularized resource materials such as technical briefs, project reports, journals, handbooks, manuals, brochures, posters, videos, and more.
      • TSD, being the communications and techno transfer arm of the Institute, also showcases ITDI technologies in various exhibits nationwide. This includes the annual DOST-organized National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) and its regional counterparts, National Biotechnology Week, International Food Expo, Powertrends, and others. This is to bring to the public and the industries what ITDI can offer in terms of innovation and technical expertise as well as provide venue for personal interaction between ITDI and the wider audience.
      • TSD also manages the Institute’s Facebook page, DOST ITDI Updates (, where you can be up-to-date with the Institute’s various activities, as well as send your inquiries via Messenger. Also, we also post our various videos on our DOST ITDI Youtube channel.