In its desires to serve the food industry better, the FPD seeks to improve and expand the technical services it offers. These are:



  • Product/Process Development and Improvement
    • Conceptualization
    • Product prototyping
    • Determining unit operations and specifying processing conditions
    • Establishing product specifications
  • Equipment Design and Fabrication
    • Plant design and lay-out
    • Design and prototyping of specific food processing equipment
    • Fabrication of processing equipments
    • Debugging of Equipment
    • Start-up operation



  • Thermal Processing Studies
    • Heat Penetration test on canned and bottled products to establish appropriate time and temperature combination to achieve commercial sterility
    • Adequacy of existing process
    • Heat Distribution Tests for retorts and Corrective action
    • Sterility Test
  • Food Analysis
    • Physico-Chemical Analyses
    • Microbiological Analyses
  • Pilot Plant Set-up, Production Scale-up and Product/Production Costing
  • Shelf-life Testing


MANPOWER TRAININGS (In-house or On-site)

  • Technology Transfer and Dissemination
  • Specific Livelihood Opportunities (more info...)
  • Training-Workshops on Food Processing conducted highlights GMP and introduces HACCP concepts
  • Technology Package preparation integrates Quality Assurance





Production facilities for short term lease intended to familiaze entrepreneurs with the technologies involved, enable them to produce product samples for market testing and help them establish themselves in business before eventually venturing on their own processing facility. In essence, it is a venue for nurturing fledging enterepneurs until they are confident and conpetent to make it on their own.

     FPD ENTERPRISE MODULES (Available on a Turn Key Basis or for Lease)

In-house enterprise modules consist of standardized production procedures and dedicated facilities (an operating space and a complete line of process equipment)


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