Antimicrobial Assay

The antimicrobial assay intends to determine the antimicrobial activity of extracts and formulations through the disk diffusion assay (Kirby Bauer Method). The bioactivity is quantified through the measurement of the zones of inhibition and is reported as the diameter of the zones of inhibition (in millimeter). The results may then be compared by the customer to the existing literature and standards for antimicrobial activities.


Distribution of Starter Cultures for Fermented Food

Starter cultures contain microorganisms which are responsible for the production of various fermented food. These are directly applied onto the food material to initiate the fermentation in order to produce the desired food product (i.e. nata de coco, vinegar, and soy sauce).


Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)  

Environmental technology verification (ETV) is the establishment or validation of environmental technology performance by qualified third parties based on test data generated through testing using established protocols or specific requirements. Data presented in an ETV report are believed to be accurate and the analyses credible. The statements made regarding the technology evaluated do not, however, amount to an endorsement or approval of the technology in general or for any particular application nor warranty to the performance of the technology.

Cleaner Production Assessment (CPA)

This program identifies cleaner production options for industries through assessment. Cleaner Production saves money for companies while reducing wastes and harm to the environment.

Policy Advice

Being the only environmental group of DOST, EBD provides inputs to legislation proposals legislation. EBD also identifies divisional restraining forces to environmental initiatives.


Waste Analysis and Characterization Study

This program aims to determine the composition and volume of waste generated by households and non-household generators, providing invaluable data for the creation of a solid waste management plan and in determining the suitable technology for subsequent waste recovery and diversion.
WACS sample size computation