• Development of Soft Ballistic Component of Bullet Proof Vest from Hybrid Composite local materials
  • Functional Coating: Production and Performance Testing of Nano Silica-based Hydrophobic Coating
  • Development of Ultrafiltration/Nanofiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane for Drinking Water Application (Phase 2)
  • Innovative Ceramic Materials for Ballistic Protection
  • Fabrication of Prototype Utility Tent as Temporary Shelter for Disaster and Natural Calamity Victims
  • Fabrication of Prototype and Field Testing Performance of Floating Baby Capsule
  • Southeast Asian Atmospheric Corrosion Exposure Study of Electronic Equipment and Components under Marine Environment in the Philippines (SEA ACES) Year 5
  • Asia Nano Forum 2019
  • Deployment of Innovative Rainwater Collection Systems in Marawi
  • Program: Advanced Additive Manufacturing R & D Project 1:Development of Multiple Materials Platform for Additive Manufacturing (MATDEV)
  • Prototype Development of Natural Fibre-Thermoplastic Composites from Agricultural and Industrial Wastes for Industrial Applications
  • Assessment of Metal Content of Food and Water Resources in Volcanic Impacted Areas: Project 3-Study 1: Household Based Filters for Metals in Water
  • Program: Intelligent Data Analysis System (IDAS) for Drug Trafficking Investigation in the Philippines Project 1: Application of Multivariate Analysis on Methamphetamine HCl Chemical Fingerprints and Kinetic Stability Modelling (Collaborative Project with PDEA/ASTI)
  • ADMATEL Expansion and Business Continuity
  • Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Abaca Fiber Reinforced Composites for Boat Applications
  • Environment, Health and Safety Research on the Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials