1. Packaging R&D Laboratory
  • Application/development of new packaging technology e.g. active & high packaging for shelf life improvement, retort packaging & modified atmosphere packaging, etc.
  • Packaging innovation/option, new ideas (enhancing market potential)
  • Packaging structure/cushion development for transport packaging for food & non-food products (zero/reduced product damage & reduced packaging cost)
  1. Packaging Testing Laboratory
  • Packaging material properties
  • Packaging performance
  • Identification of materials
  • Safety of packaging materials for food contact
  • Shelf life testing (product & packaging materials)
  1. Packaging Design
  • Label/graphic design development
  • Gift box, carrier box/bag development
  • Brand development
  • Short printing using digital printing technology
  1. Packaging Library and Data Resource Information System
  • Data base management system
  • Packaging books & journals
  1. Pilot Plant for Selected Packaging Technology
  • Toll packaging services for retort pack/pouch foods and form fill seal for liquid products in sachet;
  • Training venue for packaging techniques