• Undertake research and development in applied microbiology and environment for industrial and other applications
  • Undertake technology transfer of generated technologies
  • Provide technical assistance and support services to clients, (i.e., industry, academe) in relation to the division’s field of expertise
  • Contribute in the planning and implementation of the Institute’s programs/projects


EBD SECTIONS                                                                                                                             

Cleaner Production Section (CPS)

- Promote the integration of cleaner production principles in R&D, manufacturing, and other industry sectors

- Provide CP related services

- Conduct and/or facilitate technology verification on environmental technologies

- Develop CP and environmental technology verification (ETV) databases 


Industrial Fermentation Technology Section (IFTS)

- Develop, isolate and/or screen, and characterize microorganisms for industrial applications

- Develop and improve technologies (physical, thermal, chemical) using microorganisms for the production of chemicals, alternative and/or renewable fuels, materials, food, feeds, additives, enzymes, biocides, solvents, etc. for local industries 


Microbial Treatment Section (MTS)

- Develop, isolate and/or screen and characterize microorganisms from indigenous sources for waste treatment and other environmental concerns

- Develop and improve technologies using microorganisms for waste treatment

- Develop laboratory, bench and pilot scale applications of developed technologies for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater 


Waste Management Section (WMS)

- Develop and improve technologies involving the physical, chemical, and thermal processing of industrial wastes

- Conduct laboratory and bench scale applications of developed technologies for the non-biological treatment of industrial wastes