• Nanotechnology Laboratory

       The DOST-ITDI Nanolab is a nanotechnology research facility established to provide nanotechnology-related technical services and R&D. This new laboratory houses sophisticated equipment including the High-resolution Field Emission Transmission Microscope (FE-TEM), maintained in a class 100K and Electrostatic discharge (ESD)-compliant room.   

  • Membrane Laboratory 

This facility is a venue for the development of local expertise in membrane technology, a separation process that does not require the use of intermediate media resulting to savings (e.g., material, energy, time).  Its versatility for application to gas, liquid, and ion separation makes it a preferred method of separation in industries such as natural gas, water desalination systems, ultrapure water production, and hemodialysis among others. 

  • Laboratories for ceramics/advanced ceramics
  • Laboratories for glass/glass ceramics
  • Laboratory for inorganic materials upgrading/modification/processing (for lahar, bentonite, calcium silicate, industrial waste i.e. fly ash, amorphous silica, chemical gypsum, etc.)
  • Laboratory for plastics testing and processing
  • Materials characterization laboratory (XRD, SEM, Optical/Stereo Microscopes, , Dilatometer, DSC, Particle Size Analyzer, Electrical Impedance Analyzer, UTM, High-temperature furnace (1600 C)