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Carry-over from 2014

1.   Plasma-Treated Abaca Fiber Composites for Industrial Application (ITDI-KIMS Research Collaboration Project) - Phase 2

2.   Bench Scale Production of Food Grade Nano-Precipitated Clacium Carbonate

New for 2015 (GAA)

3.   Nano Zeolite: Production, Application and Performance Testing

4.   Production of Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (Industrial Grade)

5. Biodegradable Nano Composites from Cassava Starch

6.   Nano Copper Impregnated Ceramic Water Filters: Production, Application and Performance Testing.

7.  Establishment of an Advanced Device and Materials Testing Laboratory for the Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Industries (ADMATEL) Phase 4 - Operation of ADMATEL  

8.   Southeast Asian Atmospheric Corrosion Exposure Study (SEA ACES) of Steels, Electronics Equipment and Components in Philippine Marine Environment - Year 1.


R&D Projects 2011


  1. Determination of Corrosion Performance Properties of Zinc & Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Exposed under Different Types of Philippine Environment
  2. Chemical Synthesis of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate for Keratoprosthesis Application
  3. Atmospheric Corrosion Study of Structural Steel in Philippine Environment
  4. Recycling of Waste Rubber Crumb for Construction Application
  5. Development of Biodegradable Starch-Clay Nanocomposites for Advanced Food Packaging (Development of Starch/Clay Bio-nanocomposites for Food Packaging)
  6. Development of ELectrospun Kapok/Chitosan Nanofibrous Membrane for Water Purification
  7. Modification of Natural Zeolite as Replacement of STPP for Detergent Industry (DOST-GIA)
  8. Synthesis of High Value Products from Local Calcium Carbonate
  9. Nano-Inorganic Mineral Filled Self-Cleaning Organic Paint Coating for Architectural Applications
  10. Development and Characterization of Nanostructured/Composite Coating by Electrodeposition
  11. Quantum Dots Synthesis for Sensitized-photochemical Solar Cell Develop solar cells with gretaer efficiency of converting sunlight to electricity using sensitizer-quantum dot.
  12. Development of Disposable Foamed Food Containers and Cutleries from Biodegradable Nanocomposites
  13. Development of Abaca Fiber Composites for Wind Turbine Application
  14. Development of Nanostructured Composite Coating by Electrodeposition (PCIERD) Develop nano-composite coatings (metallic-inorganic composite) for metal substrate by electrochemical method/ deposition suitable for high performance application
  15. Synthesis of Nanosilica from Local Silica for High Performance Concrete (PCIEERD) The project aims to develop nano-size silica powder from natural resources and utilize this nano-silica for improve concrete performance.
  16. Production of Nanoclay from Local Bentonite Ore as Additive inPolymer-Clay NanoComposite Systems (PCIEERD)
  17. Production and Performance Testing of Ceramic Pot-Type Water Filter
  18. Synthesis of Nano Powder from Local Resources Involves the synthesis and characterization of nanopowder such as nanoclay and nano calcium powder from natural resources like clay and limestone for high performance industrial application
  19. Pilot Production of Nanoclay from Local Bentonite Ore
  20. Micro-foaming of wood fiber polymer composites develop a new type of wood polymer composites with improved mechanical properties and lighter material for construction, automotive, ship and aviation industries.

Completed R & D Projects ( 1997 - 2001), pls. click here