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New Projects for 2018


Carry-Over Projects for 2018

  • Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center
  • Development of Supercapacitor with Organic Electrolytes using Graphene

Completed Projects for 2017

  • Nanoencapsulation of Herbal drugs in Hydrogels and Matured Coconut Water as health supplement for Musculoskeletal System:Development and Scale-up Production
  • Production of Resistant Starch from Cassava for Dietary Applications
  • Development of Supercapacitor with Organic Electrolytes using Graphene
  • Field testing of Nanozeolite based CO2 Capture System and Purification System for Fuel Grade Ethanol in the Industry
  • Development of Natural Colorants for Cosmetics
  • Performance Testing of the Purification System for Ethanol in Dehydration and Regeneration of Zeolite Molecular Sieve

Completed Projects for 2016

  • Field Testing of Nano-Zeolite Membrane for CO2 Capture in Boiler System
  • Scale-up Production of Nano-Precipitated Calcium Carbonate for Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Carbonate
  • Scale-up Production of Modified Starch from Cassava

Completed Projects for 2015

  • Design of Purification System for Fuel-Grade Ethanol using Zeolite-Based Molecular Sieve
  • Design of CO2 Capture System utilizing Molecular Sieve Membrane Technology (Sub-project 1: for combustion systems)
  • Modified Starch for Various Industrial Applications
    • Sub-project 1: Production of Starch Acetate
    • Sub-project 2: Production of Cross-Linked Starch
    • Sub-project 3: Heat-Treated Starch
  • Purification and Production of Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Carbonate
  • Extraction, Characterization and Bio-Assay for Larvicidal Activity of Some Philippine Medicinal Plants (NRCP Assisted Project - Year 3)
  • Activated Carbon and Charcoal Briquettes from Waste Peels of Selected Fruits and Rootcrops
  • Fluidized-Bed Combustion and Gasification of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) from Biomass-Plastic Wastes for Heat and Power Generation
  • Oxidized Starch for Various Industrial Applications


Completed Projects for 2014

  • Activated Carbon from Spent Coffee Grounds
  • Process and Equipment Modification of Plastic Waste Pyrolysis System for the Production of Alternative Fuel Oil
  • Extraction, Characterization and Bio-Assay for Larvicidal Activity of some Philippine Medicinal Plants (Phase 2, NRCP Funded)
  • Rehabilitation of the Fluidized Bed System and Carbonization Equipment for the Enhancement of Energy R & D Activities
  • Development of an Energy Model to Simulate Hybrid Combination of Solar and Wind Energy Systems for Reliability of Power Generation in Selected Key Cities
  • Improvement and Standardization of the Iodized Salt Production Facility
  • Synthesis of Epichlorohydrin from Glycerol
  • Development of Antioxidant Health Supplements from Plants
  • Production of High Grade Silica from Rice Hull Ash (RHA)
  • Process Validation, Stability Studies and Application Tests of Bixin from Bixia Orellana in Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products
  • Stability Studies and Application Tests of Ube Powder in Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products


Completed Projects for 2013

  • Development of VCO-Based Personal Care Products for Hair and Skin (PCHRD)
  • Fertilizer Formulation for Coconut Using Salt-Bitterns and Indigenous Materials
  • Improved Technology for Slow Release Fertilizer
  • Utilization of Lyophilized Coconut Water in Personal Care Products
  • Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Chemical Substances from Andographis Paniculata (Sinta) Herbs
  • Synthesis of Elcosapentaenoic Acid from Crude Glycerol
  • Utilization of Acid Oil from Glycerin Refining in the Production of Methyl Ester
  • Production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from Biomass - Plastic Wastes as Alternative Fuel
  • Recovery of Phosphate in Glycerin from Methyl Ester Production for Additives in Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner
  • Characterization of Calumpang Seeds as a Potential Source of Biofuels and other Oleochemicals
  • Synthesis of Methyl Ester from Spent Coffee Grounds
  • Development of Fatty Acid Grafted Coir Dust as Oil Spill Adsorbent
  • Dietary Anti-Oxidants from Plants
  • Dry Fractionation of Coconut Oil for MCT Production
  • Development of an ITDI Database on Philippine Medicinal Plants
  • Design of an Energy Efficient Reactor and Boiler System and Adsorption/Desorption Setup for Surface-Modified Biomass Activated Carbon as Adsorbent Material and Application for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture


Completed Projects for 2012

  • Production of 1 Million Ovi/Larvicidal Trap Kits for Aedes Mosquito (DOST Technicom Project)
  • Development of a Hybrid Portable Solar Still for Potable Water in the Rural Areas
  • R & D Studies on the Detoxification of Jatropha Pressed Cake for Use as Animal/Poultry Feed
  • Natural Health Supplements from Anona Muricata (Guyabano)
  • Improved Formulation of Bio-Assay of Natural Mosquito Repellant Lotion and Spray for Babies and Children
  • Extraction and Characterization of Larvicidal Fractions of Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) - Essential Oil and Aqueous Extract (PCHRD-UST)
  • Solar-Biomass Hybrid for Multi-Heating Applications
  • Development of Andrographis Paniculata (Sinta) as Anti-Diabetic Dietary Supplement
  • Comparative Studies on the Bioactivity of the Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts/Pellet Form of Piper Nigrum on the Duration of Egg, Larval and Pupal Development Stages of the Aedes and Anopheles Mosquitoes
  • Production of Plant Oils and Methyl Ester Using SCFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction Method)
  • Performance Testing of the Continuous-Type Bio-Fuel Reactor with the Production of Methyl Ester from Jatropha Seed Oil
  • Determination of the Volatile Compounds of Macapuno Meat using Simultaneous Distillation Extraction-Gas Chromatograph (SDE-GC) and Solid Phase Microextraction-Gas Chromatography (SPMEC-GC)
  • Integrated Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production for Industry


Completed Projects for 2011

  • Pre-commercialization Production of Methyl Ester from Used Vegetable Oil Using the Continuous-Type Bio-Fuel Reactor
  • Performance Testing and Commercialization of Salt Iodization Machine (with Screw-Type Continuous Mixer)
  • Scale-Up Production and Application Testing of Alkyd Resin from Jatropha Curcas Oil
  • Roll-Out of Ovicidal/Larvicidal Trap System for Aedes Mosquito Nationwide (Under the Program on "Paminta Larvicide for Dengue Vector Control")
  • Production and Use of Hydrogen from Biomass as an Alternative Fuel
  • Scale-Up Production of Activated Carbon from Pili Shell
  • Thermal Processing of Industrial Wastes by Pyrolysis
  • Biolubricant from Vegetable Oils
  • Design of a Purification and Separation Process for the Production of Hydrogen from the Product Gas of the Existing ITDI Biomass Gasifier
  • Development of Lyophilized Coconut Water for Isotonic Beverages
  • Energy Benchmarking of Industrial Processes and Equipment in the Philippine Food Industry (Condiments Sub-Sector)