Staff Functional Objectives  Update


The Financial Management Division (FMD) provides budgetary and financial services required by the R&D and Technical divisions. 


  • Provides financial information to other divisions within the Institute and to other government agencies like COA, DBM and BTR.
  • Prepares budgetary estimates for the Institute's operations for a given calendar year. 
  • Monitors budget utilization once it is approved by the higher bodies.
  • Controls the funds received as trust for some specific projects, whether contract projects or those funded by DOST or its attached agencies.


The FMD is a God-centered, dedicated, committed and recognized arm of ITDI which renders accurate and reliable financial information, prompt and quality service to all its clients thru excellent teamwork backed up by modern and adequate facilities. 


Division Profile


  • Provides financial information and gives technical advice to the head of agency
  • Accounts for funds received from various sectors
  • Sees to it that financial transactions are in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.
  • Submits financial reports to DBM, COA and BTR.


  • Prepares budget estimate for the Institute
  • Controls allotments received
  • Provides financial information concerning budgeted expenses against actual expenditures.