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ITDI Library is a center of excellence for in-depth sources of information on: chemical science & technology; industrial manufacturing; mineral processing; food technology; microbiology; physical sciences; environmental science; material science/materials testing & standards; fuels and energy; electronics; metrology; other allied & bordering subjects. The collection range from books, monographs, periodicals, magazines, annual reports, pamphlets, theses and technical reports of the Institute's in-house researches.


Good News! We have come up with a line-up of Abstracts of publications, which may have some relevance to your research activities. This is our Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) program. Go over them and communicate with us, should you need further details.

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We invite you to browse our on-line publications. For your pleasurable surfing, we are proud to present the following:

Coffee Table Book entitled "100 YEARS OF S&T"
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